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Intracervical Insemination Success Kit

Three unique syringe kits which are carefully designed to serve the needs of various reproductive challenges, so that you can make the most of your own fertility journey.

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IMPREGNATOR Intra Cervical Syringe Fertility Boost Combo Kit

Fertility boost supplements are designed to help prepare your body for pregnancy. The side effect of increasing fertility is a wildly high libido.

User Ratings “Excellent”


BABYMAKER Intra Cervical Syringe Combo Kit

Latex free, hypoallergenic
Soft and flexible medical-grade silicone intracervical insemination kit.Fertility boost supplements are designed to help prepare your body for pregnancy.

User Ratings 8.9


CROBABY Intra Cervical Insemination Kit – With Pregnancy Test

(1) 6.5 inch insertable length round tip insemination syringe
Competitors syringes have 3.5 inch insertable length

We give you the best possible chance for success.

Your order will be shipped out within 24 hours.
Live Customer support is available 24/7

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MOSIE BABY Intracervical Insemination Kit

If intercourse has gotten stressful, isn’t working, or isn’t even an option – try Mosie, the first and only FDA Cleared at-home intravaginal insemination kit. Designed by women with insight from a fertility specialist, Mosie is the first over-the-counter patented syringe designed specifically for at-home insemination. 

User Ratings 8.3


FRIDA Intracervical Insemination Syringe Kit

Trying can be trying. That’s why this simple at-home system was thoughtfully designed with Fertility Specialists – with both parties in mind. Includes 2 one-time use Applicators with a Comfort Grip + Extended Barrel to comfortably deliver semen. Plus one reusable Sperm Cup with a Slanted Scoop + Rounded Bottom to ensure no semen is left behind.

User Ratings 7.9


Cupid Kit TTC Bundle

100% medical grade silicone Cervical Conception cup & 5 ovulation tests. All kit contents are single use only.

User Ratings 7.2


Joey – I ‘m ready kit

The Joey I’m Ready Kit includes:

  • 3 dispensers
  • 3 specimen cups
  • Detailed instructions

User Ratings 6.8


Squirter and Specimen Cup 12 Pack

12 x Water Squirter

12 x Specimen Cups

User Ratings 6.2


Intracervical Insemination Success Kit

If intimacy has become overwhelming, proves ineffective, or isn’t a choice, consider home insemination with MakeAmom!
Crafted by women with valuable input from fertility experts, MakeAmom stands out as the #1 choice for women when selecting an in-home insemination kit provider – offering a veriety of selections focused on your success and comfort.

User Ratings 9.8

Our Articles

IUI Procedure

IUI Procedure: A Comprehensive Exploration

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), a groundbreaking fertility procedure, aims to optimize conception odds by strategically placing sperm directly into the uterus, reducing the distance they need to travel to meet the egg. This comprehensive guide will unravel the intricacies of IUI, offering insights into its mechanics, the procedure itself, and the associated financial landscape.

Mechanics of IUI Procedure

IUI Procedure: An Insight into its Functionality

IUI Procedure, alternative insemination, or artificial insemination, involves the direct introduction of husband’s sperm cells into the uterus during the ovulation phase, enhancing the likelihood of fertilization. The strategic reduction of time and distance sperm must cover makes IUI an effective method in the quest for conception.

Preparation for IUI Procedure: Fertility Medications and Sperm Processing
Before the insemination process, individuals may undergo fertility treatments to stimulate ovulation. Semen undergoes a crucial step called “sperm processing,” concentrating healthy sperm for a higher chance of successful fertilization.

What to Anticipate Throughout the IUI Process

Timing Ovulation and Hormonal Triggers
In preparation for IUI, fertility medications may be administered to promote egg maturation. The procedure is meticulously timed with ovulation, complemented by hormone treatments pinpointing the optimal moment for insemination. This precision in planning is pivotal in maximizing pregnancy probabilities.

Semen Retrieval and Sperm Processing
Regardless of whether the semen sample is collected at home or in a medical setting, it undergoes sperm processing to extract a concentrated, healthy sperm count. This process not only enhances the likelihood of fertilization but also eliminates potentially hindering chemicals.

IUI Procedure: Swift, Painless, and Precise
Administered at a doctor’s office or fertility clinic, the IUI procedure is remarkably efficient, taking only 5-10 minutes. Using a thin, flexible tube inserted through the cervix, the doctor employs a small syringe to deliver sperm directly into the uterus. The procedure is generally painless, with mild cramping reported by some individuals.

Financial Aspects of IUI Procedure

Financial Considerations and Insurance Provisions
In the realm of fertility treatments, IUI stands out as a cost-effective option. Compared to more intricate procedures like IVF, IUI typically incurs expenses ranging from $300 to $1,000, contingent on insurance coverage and individual doctor fees.

Understanding Insurance Policies for IUI
While some states mandate insurance coverage for infertility treatments under specific conditions, many plans do not extend such coverage. Being well-informed about your insurance policy’s stance on fertility treatments is crucial, as it significantly impacts the financial aspects of undergoing IUI.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Path to Parenthood

In conclusion, Intrauterine Insemination emerges as a promising solution for couples facing fertility challenges. Its simplicity, combined with lower costs, makes it an appealing option. Understanding the meticulous planning behind IUI, from ovulation timing to sperm processing, equips individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on their journey to parenthood.

IUI Chances of Success

Secrets of IUI Success: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding IUI: A Gateway to Fertility

In the realm of reproductive procedures, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) stands as a beacon of hope for couples striving to conceive. This artificial insemination technique involves injecting carefully prepared sperm directly into the woman’s uterus, significantly increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. Before delving into the intricacies of IUI success rates, let’s explore the process in detail.


Decoding the IUI Process


1. Ovulation Period:

   – Pinpointing the precise day of ovulation is crucial for IUI success. Various methods, including at-home ovulation prediction tests and hormone injections, aid in determining this crucial timeframe.


2. Preparing a Sperm Sample:

   – On the day of IUI, a fresh sperm sample is obtained from the spouse or a donor. Through the process of sperm washing, the sample is meticulously prepared, concentrating healthy sperm for optimal insemination.


3. Artificial Insemination:

   – The doctor expertly inserts the prepared sperm directly into the uterus, paving the way for potential fertilization. A pregnancy test about two weeks post-IUI provides insights into the procedure’s success.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for IUI?


Ensuring the success of IUI hinges on selecting suitable candidates. Key factors include the presence of at least one open fallopian tube, a regular supply of healthy eggs, and conditions such as complications with cervical mucus, undiagnosed infertility, coital problems, irregular ovulation, moderate endometriosis, or mild male factor infertility.


Factors Influencing IUI Success Rates


The success rates of IUI are subject to a multitude of factors, each playing a pivotal role in determining the likelihood of conception.


1. Age: A Decisive Factor

   – Age significantly impacts IUI success rates. Individuals under 35 witness a 13% success rate, while those over 40 face a range of 3 to 9%.


2. Number of Follicles: Boosting Conception Chances

   – Medication-assisted ovarian stimulation, aiming to enhance follicle development, increases the odds of conception during IUI. However, multiple follicles raise the chances of conceiving twins or triplets.


3. Type of Fertility Drug Used: Tailoring Success with Medications

   – The choice, frequency, and dosage of fertility medications intertwine with IUI success rates, tailored to individual medical histories and diagnoses.


Success Rates with IUI


For individuals with conventional fertility indicators, the success rate per cycle ranges between 7% and 10%. Introducing fertility drugs may elevate this rate to 15% to 25%. Data reveals a 10% success rate in the first IUI cycle for couples under 35, with potential increases based on circumstances such as hormone therapy.


Factors Determining IUI Success Rates


Strategically influencing certain aspects can positively impact the success rates of IUI.


1. Quantity of Sperm: Concentration Matters

   – Ensuring a higher concentration of sperm in the sample used for IUI is essential for success.


2. Post-IUI Intimacy: A Surprising Influence

   – Research suggests that engaging in sexual activity post-IUI may enhance the chances of conception.


3. Exercise and Lifestyle Choices: Nurturing Conception

  – Opting for moderate exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga, maintaining a healthy diet, managing stress, and minimizing caffeine intake collectively contribute to a conducive environment for successful IUI.


Tips for Post-IUI Success


when starting the post-IUI phase requires meticulous attention to various aspects for optimal results.


1. Maintain a Healthy Diet:

   – Fertilization success is closely tied to physical and mental well-being. A balanced diet is paramount for nurturing a healthy environment.


2. Stay Connected with Your Specialist:

   – Regular communication with your fertility specialist post-IUI is crucial. They provide guidance and tips tailored to your unique situation.


3. Prioritize Adequate Sleep:

   – Quality sleep, around 7-8 hours per night, is essential for both the mother and the unborn child.


4. Manage Caffeine Intake:

   – Limiting caffeine intake, especially after IUI, is advised to avoid potential hindrances to successful conception.


5. Embrace Moderate Exercise:

   – While exercise is beneficial, opting for moderate activities is recommended during IUI to support the reproductive process.


The Realities of IUI Success Rates


Despite its promise, IUI doesn’t guarantee 100% success. Success rates range from 7% to 10% per cycle for those with two fallopian tubes and healthy sperm. Combining IUI with fertility drugs increases success by 15-25%. The success rate is substantially lower if total motile count at insemination is below 5 million.


Low Success Rate Enigma


In situations of compromised sperm quality, IUI success might be affected. Conception likelihood drops significantly with a total motile count below 5 million. Understanding these nuances is critical for managing expectations.


A Closing Note


Starting the process of IUI necessitates a thorough understanding and a practical perspective. While success rates vary, understanding the intricacies and optimizing controllable factors can significantly enhance the chances of a positive outcome.

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